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Five key factors to consider when choosing a data center provider

July 15, 2017 by · Leave a Comment 

The demands on organization IT infrastructure are growing every day. One of the better financial and technical decisions is to move those operations to a data center. The key factors when making a decision are the location, facilities, security, and uptime. Let’s look at each of those in a little more detail:


The importance of location will depend largely on the organization. If the data center is the primary or secondary site and requires physical access, then it is a good idea to choose one that is local, like an LA data center. Other considerations include the stability of the geographic area, and the data centers access to stable power.


Data centers have the infrastructure that you would expect such as power, network connectivity, and redundancy for all those systems. However, there are some that also offer other facilities like workstation areas, conference rooms, secure loading docks, and access to other equipment you would need in the event of a disaster.


When it comes to security, no data center can do too much to protect the equipment and information of its clients. There should be physical barriers and protection for the facility, with layered security zones restricting access and monitoring systems.


The final and key factor to look out for is guaranteed uptime. There needs to be sufficient redundancy on all systems and regulatory compliance to ensure that they meet the advertised uptime. For example Rack Alley has connectivity 300+ networks, on-net carriers & ISP’s and Intercontinental cable landing points.

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