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How Hosting Can Affect SEO

July 30, 2016 by · Leave a Comment 

web-hosting-seoOne of the most common pieces of advice given by a Los Angeles Internet marketing company to their clients is to carefully choose the web hosting company they use for their business website. This is because going with the wrong host can cause various issues, such as a website that is slow to load or is inaccessible at times. All these problems can make business owners lose money as potential customers go visit a competing website instead. Another reason as to why so many recommend that you carefully research your choice of hosting provider is that your hosting can have an impact on your SEO.

Offering a good user experience is essential if you want to receive good rankings from Google. Websites that are slow to load due to poor design or hosting problems routinely get penalized. So do sites that are frequently inaccessible due to server downtime. Even the best Los Angeles Internet marketing experts can’t help make your site rise through search results if Google penalizes it for these reasons.

As SEO is challenging enough without dealing with web host issues, you should ensure that the company you’re using to host your website offers a solid uptime guarantee and fast speeds. If your website has complex features, such as discussion forums, or is visited by hundreds of people each day, you may want to go with a VPS or dedicated server solution for maximum performance. That way, the Los Angeles marketing agency you use has a better chance of increasing your site’s visibility on Google and other search engines.

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