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How to Effectively Equip Your Control Center

June 26, 2017 by · Leave a Comment 

Summary: Command centers need to be outfitted with the right equipment for maximum productivity.

During an emergency situation, it’s crucial that the specialists manning your control center consoles make the right decisions to mitigate damages. The workstation equipment, the layout, and the supporting infrastructure must all work in tandem to ensure accurate decisions are made at the time of the emergency. Therefore, the importance of a well-designed security control center should be at the top of your priorities list.

Workstation Placement

A security control center’s heart is the central console, which is essentially a desk that wraps around the officer in control. Monitors on the wall will show video from surveillance cameras that are placed in key areas of the building. Desktop monitors and fire alarm systems have a place on the console as well. There are several companies that implement house building controls for easier access.

The computers and monitors can be outfitted with regular computers that you can purchase from your local wholesale store. While it’s definitely nice to see seamless video walls with expensive software and computer boards, it’s not mandatory. High-end security can be maintained even with off-the-shelf equipment. What matters the most is how your team functions during these emergency times. The training aspect of what to do during these situations require quick decisions, logical choices, and an efficient work-pace. As the owner, it’s your job to ensure that everything runs smoothly during an emergency so be sure to prioritize your personnel’s training.

Constant Technologies, Inc., a premiere global solutions company, can help provide you with the right design for a security control center at a competitive rate. With decades of experience on hand, you could sit back and let them create a complex station while you implement protocols.

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