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Design and miscellaneous free web tools

November 20, 2016 by · Leave a Comment 

Here is a list of tools and resources that you can use on your website that are free.

W3Schools – This is the official guide to proper XHTML and CSS markup.

Aspect ratio calculator – This calculates the proper dimensions of images and video. Perfect for when you want to crop or resize and want to maintain a certain aspect ratio.

Javascript kit – They have a lot of free scripts that you might find useful on your website.

Hemingway – A tool that will help you make your writing and content more concise.

Headline Analyzer – This one will do a emotional tone check on your headline. Ideal when you want to get specific tone across.

CSS Button Generator – Rather than using images for buttons, use this to create CSS only buttons that look great and load instantly.

Pixlr – Can’t afford Photoshop? Here is an extremely good online photo editor that has enough features for web designers.

AppSumo – An online deals site which has a lot of useful deals for webmasters and developers.

Trello – A new online project management tool perfect for small teams or individuals.

Rapportive – Deal with a lot of people by email? This is  gmail extension which retrieves social media details of recipients so you know who they are.

Jing – Take a lot of screenshots? This is a good tool to take and edit a lot of screenshots quickly.

IFTTT – This is ideal for people who have a lot of standard tasks which can be automated.