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3 Applications for Freelance Web Designers

January 15, 2017 by · Leave a Comment 

Almost every freelance web designer depends heavily on apps to carry out daily tasks. Whether it is managing productivity, your finances or even communication with your clients and employees, there are apps that you can make use of – some of which are free or paid. So, here are three applications that can make the lives of freelance web designers easier than usual: #1: BaseCamp Considered to be one of the best Project Management apps around, this one allows freelancers from around the world to collaborate but that’s not all – you can keep track of material such emails, briefs, URLs, to-do lists and screenshots and so on and so forth. One good thing about BaseCamp is the fact that it’s popular and most seasoned freelancers already have an account that you can hook up with yours. If you wish to do so, you can also invite your clients to monitor the progress of a project as well. #2: DropBox Any web developer would know how important it is to maintain back-up, and DropBox is probably the best application around for that purpose. Not only can you store files by uploading them to the cloud but you can also share these files between multiple computers. Better still: you can share these files with a coworker pretty much anywhere in the world. #3: FreshBooks Put simply, this invoicing application is very popular amongst freelancers because it takes the labor out of the invoicing process. Some functions include bookkeeping, invoicing, time-tracking, reporting business performance and expense tracking as well. Best part: it’s simple to use, clean and prepares professionally designed invoices for your clients.

web designers

Handy Tips For Web Designers

December 20, 2016 by · Leave a Comment 

Web designing is not as easy as it is made out to be. Since browser and operating system incompatibility remains one of the largest issues in this area for some time now, it has become obvious to the experienced and the rookie web designers that there are more challenges to this field than what is presented.

So here is a list of handy tips that a web designer must keep in mind in order to succeed in the field of web design:

#1: Images

While images can enhance the appeal of a webpage, it is no good trying to stuff your page with images since most users normally use a dial-up connection to surf the web.  If your page loads slowly, you can be sure they would be gone in no time. So, keep your page size to less than 30k per page.

#2: Navigation & Functionality

Regardless of whether you have created a masterpiece of a website, when the user reaches the main page, navigation and functionality can either work in your favor or not.

#3: Mystery Meat Navigation

One trick used commonly is to hide the link until the mouse hovers over it.  In applying this technique to your page, you can end up annoying your users since they will have to move their mouse all over the page to find the invisible link they are looking for.

#4: Browser-specific functions

Stay away from these as they might support one browser while not supporting the others.

#5: KISS

Just keep it simple, stupid.