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January 20, 2011 by · Leave a Comment 

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When choosing a place to host your content you need to know what to look for. First, start by thinking about how your website will be set up. If you have a lot of content with complicated programing or HTML then you may want to go with a Hosting company that will allow you to use your own website building software like Dreamweaver. This way you will have complete control over your website but may end up paying a lot more for hosting. Some companies charge monthly or yearly rates.

There are companies that will host your website for free or for a very low yearly rate but you are required to use their website building software. Some of these companies have very good website builders and you still have almost full control over the content and designs. With these free hosting and website builder companies you can have almost an unlimited amount of content, images, video and pages.

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Do not pay thousands or even hundreds per year on hosting. No matter how much content you have you should be able to find hosting at an affordable rate. Some domain registrar companies offer hosting services but they can be very expensive. These companies are generating a large amount of traffic by selling domain names and can get away with charging high amounts for hosting and forwarding services. Many of these companies will try to charge you a small amount for all of the various options. Make sure you shop around and find a good deal before deciding what company to go with.