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The advantages and disadvantages of dedicated server hosting

January 12, 2017 by · Leave a Comment 

Written by Rack Alley

In the hosting world, there are several packages and types of hosting. Starting with the basic la web hosting packages all the way to a dedicated server. There are times when a site owner will want to upgrade from a hosting package. The choice at that point is to move to a higher capacity hosting package or a dedicated server. Often, users will opt for the dedicated server option for the performance that option affords. This upgrade to a dedicated server comes with its own advantages and disadvantages. Here they are:


A dedicated server affords complete control of the server and its operating system. With server hosting Los Angeles any software package can be installed. In addition, any obscure changes that niche software will require to the configuration will also be possible. Another advantage is that since there is only one user on the server, there is no sharing of resources. All server resources can be geared towards the running applications.


Unless the amount of resources used in the previous package is similar, the jump in cost will be significant. A dedicates server package is basically the rental of a physical server and the host’s services. This can be quite expensive. The other issue is that with this level of control, maintenance, and other functions will also be required. This includes software updates, bug fixing and attending to resource management.


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