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Feeling Insecure In Your Current Job Position?

Job security is one of our primary concerns. We everyday we live with the question of whether or not we will be working the next day. Loyalty is not the important factor that once it was. Previously “last in”s were “first out”s but today it is in most cases the opposite; “first in”s are “first out”s. So are we completely powerless? Isn’t there anything that we can do? Let’s start... [Read more]

IT Budget: Strengthen Your Security With No Additional Investment

Data breaches are becoming regular news – from mid-sized businesses to large enterprises, everybody is taking some hit. Your company may be small, even a small family business but you are not safe either. From one person shops to large enterprises everybody has to keep an eye on the security issues. Security does not need to come with a large price. It is not always the case that the dedicated,... [Read more]

CIO Perspective: How To Keep Your Sanity In a Merger/Acquisition

During the past months, I was a consultant in two acquisition issues in one small and one medium sized company. Financial, accounting and inventory issues were draining the employees’ and consultants’ times. IT issues did not seem as complex as the others but once the management tipped their toe, they understood how out-of-world things tend to go. Here are my notes for the CIO to keep his/her... [Read more]