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Choosing the Right Colocation Provider

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If your company is in the market for a Los Angeles colocation provider, don’t make the mistake of thinking they’re all the same. You may just see a room full of servers, but the truth is that there’s much more to it than that. Continue reading for some tips on finding the colocation provider that’s right for you.

The easiest way to find the right business for you is to speak with other companies of comparable size in your area and asking whom they use for server hosting. Los Angeles has a number of qualified candidates, so you might be surprised to hear that some of these businesses go outside LA for theirs.

This is perfectly understandable though. The vast majority of the work they do is done remotely, after all. You’ll have practically no reason to visit the premises and they may never come and see yours.

While this type of recommendation can be invaluable, keep in mind that their needs may be vastly different than yours. Colocation providers offer a number of services, so it’s important that you take the time to figure out which ones you actually need. Otherwise, you’ll end up spending good money on things you don’t need and will never use.

Although LA has a number of colocaiton providers, this can be a mixed blessing. Make the most out of your options by considering the above advice and you’ll be bound to make the best choice.


Blog submitted by Rack Alley. They operate a Los Angeles data center that handles everything from colocation to website hosting and much more.

Serving You Online

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Being a big shot Los Angeles company has its perks, the glitz, the glamor, and the regard. You have worked hard to make yourself and your company what is it now and you deserve every bit of space in the world for it. However, don’t forget that where the concrete world stops, the digital world starts, be smart and make sure you give you and your brand a place on the world wide web by putting up your online portal now.

Putting up your own portal is easy and very straightforward; first you need a domain name, or your address on the world wide web. After you have established that, and I am guessing it is quite the catchy little address, you need to get the backbone for your internet presence, otherwise known as hosting. With the help of a quality los angeles web hosting company, you not only get a good internet backbone, but you are also support local business, just like your own. The advantages of choosing a los angeles web hosting company are twofold, not only are they geographically superior to other hosting sites, making local access times faster, they are also closer to your place of business, making dealing with them easy and painless. Choose a quality la colocation server to make sure that all your internet business is kept running 24/7 and that you never miss a beat when it comes to serving your customers and growing your precious brand.


Article submitted by Rack Alley, an experienced colocation server operation and specialist.

Testing Can Point The Way Toward An Efficient, Trouble-Free Network

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If you’re a network administrator, you’re well aware of the responsibilities you face in maintaining your network. If your firm is like most, it is all but completely dependent on the network to function. That means that your position is one of the most important in the company. Doing your job well means that all members of the company can perform their jobs without interruption. It also means that your company can operate without significant loss in productivity.

Often, corporate networks are complex, sprawling enterprises that can stretch across continents and time zones. Other networks can simply be confined to a single building, or even just one office. Whichever kind of network you administer, you’re going to want to help ensure that it performs at peak levels. When a network is capable of performing at capacity, it means that workers can consistently reply on the communication and data sharing capabilities that it provides.

Often times, networks can suffer from being overtaxed when higher-than-usual demands are placed on the company’s data infrastructure. With the consistently increasing demand for speed and network capacity for data transfers and rich media streaming, it’s no wonder that many networks are straining to keep up with requirements being placed on them.


Administrators will want to institute a performance test now and then to ensure that their networks are running smoothly and that no potential problems are in store. Testing can point toward areas, such as new applications that have been introduced to the network, that may eventually become a source of network congestion and perhaps slower network performance. With information garnered from tests, administrators can adjust the network accordingly and prevent possible difficulties from cropping up in the future.

It’s also advisable that administrators consider load testing, which is another form of testing that measures a network’s capacity to manage larger-than-usual quantities of data. Some networks will buckle under the stress of an unexpected uptick in data traffic, and this form of testing can help shed light on areas of network weakness. Administrators can locate areas in the network where data tends to bottleneck, and they can make provisions that will prevent slow-moving pockets of data from forming and clogging the system.

The largest amount of network traffic can occur when employees use certain applications that allows them to stream rich media. Through testing you can determine where difficulties in managing streamed media could lead to a network slowdown and perhaps a loss of productivity, and rules limiting the use of streaming media by employees can be instituted.

With the institution of regular testing, and reasonable rules that limit the amount of streamed data traffic, administrators can ensure that their networks continue to run smoothly, and that loss of productivity is virtually unknown at their firm.

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Website Hosting Services

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Article Writting By : Locost Marketing

When choosing a place to host your content you need to know what to look for. First, start by thinking about how your website will be set up. If you have a lot of content with complicated programing or HTML then you may want to go with a Hosting company that will allow you to use your own website building software like Dreamweaver. This way you will have complete control over your website but may end up paying a lot more for hosting. Some companies charge monthly or yearly rates.

There are companies that will host your website for free or for a very low yearly rate but you are required to use their website building software. Some of these companies have very good website builders and you still have almost full control over the content and designs. With these free hosting and website builder companies you can have almost an unlimited amount of content, images, video and pages.

web_site_hosting _service

Do not pay thousands or even hundreds per year on hosting. No matter how much content you have you should be able to find hosting at an affordable rate. Some domain registrar companies offer hosting services but they can be very expensive. These companies are generating a large amount of traffic by selling domain names and can get away with charging high amounts for hosting and forwarding services. Many of these companies will try to charge you a small amount for all of the various options. Make sure you shop around and find a good deal before deciding what company to go with.

What Is Web Hosting

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Article Written by : Small Biz Web Shop

Business owners, in larger and larger numbers are taking their business to the Internet. Starting a business on the Internet could cost less than a hundred dollars a month. The major expenses usually go to professional Web Hosting services.

Those placing their business on the Internet must sign up with a Web Hosting Service. The service establishes a place for individuals and/or a company to build and place their website. The service also provides a space where the individual owner or company store important files and data for the website. Once the website is placed on their hosting service, it is easily accessible over the Internet to anyone around the globe.

Selecting a web hosting service is often a very difficult task because there are so many choices on the Internet. Individuals might consider using a free web hosting service. A large company might prefer a paid service that provides more features and more space. Many offer their customer’s web packages that provide various services. These range from the basic package to a complete professional package. All web host providers are not the same. Search around on the Internet and read up on the web host reputation. Look for a host with a great track record concerning customer service and providing excellent hosting.