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Reasons why your business should shift to Cloud hosting

Cloud hosting has been on the rise since its inception. The improvement to your website performance and business efficiency that comes with Cloud hosting is almost tangible. Cloud hosting provides hosting through a network of virtual servers that are interconnected and scattered throughout the world. This makes it possible for users to access their website from any location without any trouble. In... [Read more]

Broken Links: How to Find, Fix, and Benefit from Broken Links

Links are what holds the web together. Essentially, the web is named as such because of the ability for pages and sites to link to other sources and relevant information. So, if links are broken, a visitor has no way of moving to the other resource. Not only are broken links bad for a number of reasons, but they frustrate visitors. Imagine finally finding the information you need only to be denied... [Read more]

Online Privacy Explained

Privacy is one of those modern issues that is in fact as old as time. In our guide to How the Digital Age is Impacting Our Personal Privacy, we look at this age old problem from a new perspective. That is how our online digital personas, our personally identifying information, and our social identity are becoming a free for all. The guide looks into the entire area of online privacy and how it has... [Read more]

Why We Love The IT Support Career?

In almost all of my posts I was talking about the stressful side of the IT – the long hours, end user issues, migrations, midnight calls and the like. But if everything is that bad, why are we still working in IT support? Of course, there is the good side of the story! Here is my take on what we love to work in IT support. I will start with my coworkers. When you are working in IT support, most... [Read more]

IT Manager: Ways To Show Your Appreciation To Your Team

Surely your team struggled hard and made things happen. You cannot say “this is what you get paid for” and just leave – you cannot keep your IT staff that way. They happily followed you, reached their goals and it is time for you to show your appreciation to recognize their contribution. Here are some ways you can recognize your team. First things first. Whatever you do, don’t forget to say... [Read more]

The Stressed Admin

When you look at the average IT admin, you will spot certain physical characteristics – hair lost to some degree, pale skin and dark-colored garments are almost certain. But why is that? Why does IT world have some characteristics? It’s because IT support is different from many other career paths. It is rewarding, has a nice and friendly environment but it is also demanding, challenging and exhausting.... [Read more]

Enterprise Apps Need Not To Be Ugly and Clunky

I read a couple of books about application user experiences and I am still amazed to see the user experience is still ignored today (if you did not read it yet, I strongly recommend the Alan Cooper’s classic The Inmates Are Running the Asylum: Why High Tech Products Drive Us Crazy and How to Restore the Sanity ). Ease of use and user experience is at the bottom of the list in development practices... [Read more]

IT Budget: Items To Remain

For the majority of IT managers and CIOs we have come to the closing of the year. The budgets are in front of us, and we have to decide how we can get the maximum out of the available funds. If we plan carefully enough, and with some luck, we can get through the rough times. Planning and doing it well is what we can and have to do. During planning, it is always easy to miss the items that are possible,... [Read more]

Updating Your Company’s Mobile Collaboration Policy

Every year we see some more shift in mobile collaboration: employees become more mobile, workplaces are redefined , partners and customers require more mobility and quicker access. These shifts bring more pressure on the corporate IT, who is expected to match the technology adoption. Looking from the management perspective, we need to review and update our company’s mobile collaboration policy.... [Read more]

CIO Perspective: Make Sure Your Disaster Recovery Plans Are Complete

have talked extensively on disaster recovery (DR) plans and I was pretty sure that I have covered everything. From the concept of moving DR to the cloud , including the issues to consider , to CIO tips , from choosing the right DR software to the people perspective, I thought my words on the DR was complete. Wrong. Here is an overall check on your DR plans, right from the field, assuming that you... [Read more]

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