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How Mobile 4G Internet Gives RV Travelers More Freedom on the Move

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Travel enthusiasts and full-time practitioners of the RVer lifestyle can fully appreciate the advantages that RV mobile Internet service providers like UbiFi have to offer. Through the use of 4G cell towers stationed throughout America, RVers can enjoy fast and reliable Internet connection while on the go. Because of mobile Internet’s highly portable nature, RVers will not have to rely on fixed hotspots at camping grounds or satellite Internet for camping, which requires more time, money, and effort to set up despite its unreliability in the face of obstructions such as trees or hills.

Because of the far reach of the 4G cell towers that companies such as UbiFi use to send Internet signals to mobile homes, you can access the Internet even in highly remote areas that you may be passing through during your travels. You can have consistent access to streaming entertainment and opportunities to attend work meetings and teleconferences even while you are on the road. You’ll never be bored with every television show, movie, and song at your fingertips as you relax in your mobile home. Having reliable Internet access while on the road can also give you access to cloud-based work solutions, helping you complete your work even as you enjoy the backdrop of nature and scenic views.

Before signing up for any Internet service, it might be a good idea to check which areas have the best coverage. Whether you choose UbiFi or any other mobile Internet service provider, coverage areas may differ based on which provider you choose. RV WiFi plans may also have different data restrictions, so check if your chosen provider offers unlimited 4G rural Internet.

Why You Can’t Get Fiber-Optic Internet in Rural America

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Fiber-optic Internet has become a popular choice for Internet users all across the country for a variety of reasons. For example, its top download speed is unparalleled. Also, it can handle more users and traffic than other Internet options. Furthermore, its ultra-low latency makes it ideal for highly demanding online gaming sessions.

Despite fiber-optic Internet’s many convincing selling points, not everyone in America has access to fiber-optic Internet service. In fact, only about 25% of people in America have access to fiber-optic Internet. This problem is especially pronounced in rural America, where most communities do not have adequate infrastructure to support high-speed broadband Internet access. One of the biggest reasons for this is that most mainstream Internet service providers cannot justify installing cable or fiber-optic lines. The cost to install these lines is higher than the income they will receive from areas with low population density.

For this reason, rural residents are better off seeking alternative rural Internet service providers to meet their needs. Unlimited satellite Internet providers like Starlink and unlimited 4G rural Internet companies like UbiFi are also capable of providing high-speed, high-performance Internet service for rural communities. Satellite Internet is known for its wide reach because of its use of satellites orbiting the planet to provide Internet signals to homes on the planet’s surface. UbiFi and its mobile Internet cohorts are known for providing low-latency service to rural residents. This makes mobile Internet a contender for the title of the best Internet for rural gaming. Be sure to check if you are in the coverage area of UbiFi or any other mobile 4G Internet provider before committing to a specific mobile Internet company.

Benefits of a Colocation Data Center

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There are numerous wonderful advantages that businesses or even individuals who employ colocation data center services may take advantage of.

Here are a few of the main advantages of using a quality web hosting provider such as Electric Kitten, who provides colocation hosting in Los Angeles.

Lower Costs
It is an easy decision when weighing the price of a colocation data center vs the alternative of creating your own facility. The prices will be significantly reduced when employing a colocation option unless your equipment demands a significant quantity of space.

Less Technical Staff
You aren’t required to bother about things like managing power, setting up equipment, running wires, or any other technical procedures. The colocation data center will frequently even be able to replace parts or carry out other services as needed. This implies that you don’t need a sizable IT staff on staff to accomplish this work.

Exceptional Reliability
The highest standards for redundancy are often used while building colocation data centers. This contains numerous network connections made possible by various telcos, standby power generators, good physical security, and many other things.

Geographic Location
Your data center can be placed close to your users if you so wish.

Predictable Expenses
A colocation data center’s expenses will be relatively predictable. Contracts lasting one year or longer are frequently available, so you may plan your budget for your IT requirements.

Easy Scalability
You may easily have extra servers or other equipment installed to the facility as your company expands. It can be significantly more challenging to expand when you have your equipment in a tiny local data center or server closet.


5 Tips for improving your internet speeds while camping

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We all know how frustrating it is to have slow internet speeds, especially when we are trying to get some work done. But what about when we are trying to enjoy a relaxing camping trip?

When we are in nature, the last thing we want is to be tethered to our devices. However, there are times when we need to be connected, whether it’s for work or keeping in touch with our loved ones back home. Luckily, there are a few things we can do to improve our internet speeds while camping.

#1 – Switch to UbiFi.

While there are now a number of companies that offer satellite Internet for camping, UbiFi is different. They focus specifically on Internet for rural areas, using the country’s existing 4G LTE towers to offer better coverage, even in the most remote regions of the USA. UbiFi also offers month-to-month packages, so you’re not locked into a contract when you head home.

#2 – Use an Ethernet cable.

If you are able to connect your computer directly to the campground’s Wi-Fi router with an Ethernet cable, you will see a significant increase in your internet speeds.

#3 – Limit the number of devices that are connected.

The more devices that are connected to your personal hotspot or the campground’s Wi-Fi network, the slower your internet speeds will be. So, if you can, limit the number of devices that are using the Wi-Fi connection at one time.

#4 – Disable any unnecessary applications.

Any applications that are running in the background on your computer or phone can also slow down your internet speeds. So, before you start working or streaming any video content, make sure to disable any unnecessary applications.

#5 – Check for updates.

Sometimes all it takes is making sure that your computer and phone software are up-to-date in order to see an improvement in your internet speeds.

By following these five tips, you should be able to improve your internet speeds while camping and make the most of your time in nature!

How to Get Low-Latency Internet for Rural Areas

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If you reside in rural America, you will quickly become familiar with the sparse Internet coverage epidemic in many rural towns. Because many mainstream Internet providers choose not to do business in areas with lower populations, there are a set of common alternatives for rural Internet.

The most popular companies providing Internet for rural areas are satellite Internet service providers. Companies such as Xfinity, Viasat, and Starlink have been carrying the torch for rural Internet service providers in underserved areas of the country. On the surface, satellite Internet seems like the most impressive rural Internet option because of its use of advanced technology, relatively high speeds, and worldwide coverage. However, even the best satellite Internet service providers will be lacking in one crucial area for some users.

Because of the astronomically far distances that Internet signals have to travel from satellites to your receiver at home, satellite internet has historically been plagued by high levels of latency. Delayed transfers of data can cause major issues for rural residents who use the Internet for rural gaming or remote work. While online gaming, latency can lead to missed inputs, hampered decision making, and higher levels of stress while playing. Latency can interfere with your ability to achieve victory and help your team win matches. During remote work, latency can prevent you from working effectively with your team members and communicating with customers.

Fortunately, mobile Internet providers such as UbiFi provide unlimited 4G rural Internet access with low latency. Companies like UbiFi provide Internet signals through the cell towers strewn throughout rural America, creating a shorter distance between signals and receivers. UbiFi also does not use data caps, helping customers avoid expensive data fees charged by satellite Internet providers.

What is Shared Web Hosting?

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Blog provided by Electric Kitten

Shared web hosting is a type of web hosting where many websites reside on one web server connected to the Internet. This type of hosting is the most common and economical way to host a website. It’s perfect for small businesses, personal blogs, and online stores that receive less than 10,000 visitors per month.

How Does Shared Web Hosting Work?

All websites on a shared server share the same resources including CPU time, memory, and disk space. The cost of shared hosting is based on how much disk space you need and how many monthly visitors your site receives. Most providers offer several plans with different specifications to choose from. Once your application or site starts to grow, you can look at other options like dedicated servers.

Benefits of Shared Web Hosting include:

– Low cost – Perfect for small businesses or personal blogs that are putting up a website for the time.

– One account can manage multiple websites – A single account can handle multiple domains which is perfect for a small business that manages several brands.

– Easy setup – most providers offer simple 1-click installation process for popular content management systems like WordPress or Joomla.

– Security – With VPS and dedicated servers, you will be responsible for the security of your system. When it comes to shared servers, the vendor will manage the security and maintenance.

If you’re looking for colocation or server hosting in Los Angeles, contact Electric Kitten. For almost two decades, they have provided reliable colocation service, along with other web hosting options such as shared hosting and dedicated servers. Their colocation clients will have access to a state-of-the-art SAS-70 facility located in the One Wilshire Building in Los Angeles.

AWS Vs Azure Vs GCP

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Blog provided by Electric Kitten

The defining tech battle of our time won’t be that of Facebook vs Twitter, nor will it be Netflix vs Disney. Instead, it will be the battle for which platform provider hosts the internet as we know it. The three players in question are Amazon with AWS, Google with GCP, and Microsoft with Azure. Let’s look at the merits of the three tech titans.

When it comes to core services, all three companies provide the same services. The names differ but the core services that revolve around compute (virtual machines), storage, and databases are the same. For simple workloads any of the three will work if the pricing is within budget.

It is very hard to compare pricing between the three. Make price comparisons that are specific to the exact services you need taking all the discounts they offer into account. However, they all share one thing in common and it is that charges have been going down every year since each of these services launched. As they convert more services from on-premise to cloud, and as they cover some of the capital costs, they pass the benefits down to the customer

One area that gives AWS an edge is in the user base. One of the benefits of its first mover advantage, Amazon has a slew of high-profile clients that use its services. One such example is Netflix. The streaming giant shut down all its data centers in 2016 and moved everything to AWS.

Choosing between three is hard, but a simple analysis of services required, the costs, and available discounts will help make your selection.

If you’re looking for colocation or server hosting in Los Angeles, contact Electric Kitten. For almost two decades, they have provided reliable colocation service, along with other web hosting options such as shared hosting and dedicated servers. Their colocation clients will have access to a state-of-the-art SAS-70 facility located in the One Wilshire Building in Los Angeles. Their hi-tech setup will ensure you recover quickly and efficiently from any technical disasters that may happen. For more information, call them today at 877-821-HOST or email them at


Cost-Effective Solutions for Video Wall Displays

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Summary: Video walls are an expensive commodity to add to any command center. It’s important that you prepare your budget accordingly.

As most seasoned resellers will attest, video walls could potentially be the pro AV category that can range in price the most. Even the simplest form of video walls might include only one or two screens at the most, along with straightforward components and still cost a few thousand dollars and up. The more complex displays that you tend to see over at a corporate headquarters for example, could add up to tens of thousands of dollars. So, how should you go about putting together a cost estimate for a new video wall project.

What Are You Looking to Accomplish with Your Video Wall?

It’s important that you fully understand your budget, goals, and timeline for your video wall project. If you have a smaller command center for instance, you might want to opt for a simpler, and more affordable video wall solution that can function as a way to communicate with as many viewers as possible.

Cost Solutions

If you have a slightly larger budget, you can seek out more expensive video wall designs that offers advanced features, innovative content, and is much larger in size. Once you have a clear direction of where you want to go, you can begin estimating the cost of the overall project.

Considering these cost estimates can go a long way when it comes to designing your command center. For one, constructing the center alone will cost you thousands of dollars. Purchasing equipment is a whole other investment that you’ll need to consider when it comes down it. Be sure that you carefully plan out each aspect so you don’t go over your allotted budget.

Blog submitted by Constant Technologies, Inc.: For handcrafted control center consoles and other control center designs, visit Constant Technologies, Inc. today and receive a free quote.


How to Form a Professional Security Operations Center (SOC)

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Summary: In order to run a successful business, you’ll need to make sure you secure all of your private data.

The allocation of funds towards a Security Operations Center (SOC) can pay dividends if you choose the correct type of SOC to work with. In short, an SOC is essentially a location that houses all the secure information that your business stores and analyzes any threats that may be looking to find a way in. Now, you’ve all heard the stories about major retail breaches that exposed million of customer’s payment information. This just goes to show that the need for a security oversight team is necessary now more than ever.

Constructing a Team

The first thing you’ll want to do is to create a team, or organization, of highly trained professionals that understand everything there is to know about securing valuable data. They need to know the technologies that they are supporting and using on a daily basis. Companies like can provide you with all the necessary command center tools that you need to run a successful company.

Know Your Team

When you’re conducting interviews, be sure that you can count on the individual to safeguard your most private data. Remember, these guys and girls are the first line of defense when it comes to a breach. You need to round up a group of trained professionals that know what to do when it comes to detecting and analyzing potential threats. Furthermore, they need to understand Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) systems, protocol analyzers, vulnerability scanners, and other technological tools required to maintain stability throughout operations.

There are many different places to collect this information directly from your computers, servers, routers, firewalls, and software. They also need to understand Mission Critical A/V integrators and how to implement them in a command center.

How to Effectively Equip Your Control Center

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Summary: Command centers need to be outfitted with the right equipment for maximum productivity.

During an emergency situation, it’s crucial that the specialists manning your control center consoles make the right decisions to mitigate damages. The workstation equipment, the layout, and the supporting infrastructure must all work in tandem to ensure accurate decisions are made at the time of the emergency. Therefore, the importance of a well-designed security control center should be at the top of your priorities list.

Workstation Placement

A security control center’s heart is the central console, which is essentially a desk that wraps around the officer in control. Monitors on the wall will show video from surveillance cameras that are placed in key areas of the building. Desktop monitors and fire alarm systems have a place on the console as well. There are several companies that implement house building controls for easier access.

The computers and monitors can be outfitted with regular computers that you can purchase from your local wholesale store. While it’s definitely nice to see seamless video walls with expensive software and computer boards, it’s not mandatory. High-end security can be maintained even with off-the-shelf equipment. What matters the most is how your team functions during these emergency times. The training aspect of what to do during these situations require quick decisions, logical choices, and an efficient work-pace. As the owner, it’s your job to ensure that everything runs smoothly during an emergency so be sure to prioritize your personnel’s training.

Constant Technologies, Inc., a premiere global solutions company, can help provide you with the right design for a security control center at a competitive rate. With decades of experience on hand, you could sit back and let them create a complex station while you implement protocols.