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AWS Vs Azure Vs GCP

May 15, 2021 by · Leave a Comment 

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The defining tech battle of our time won’t be that of Facebook vs Twitter, nor will it be Netflix vs Disney. Instead, it will be the battle for which platform provider hosts the internet as we know it. The three players in question are Amazon with AWS, Google with GCP, and Microsoft with Azure. Let’s look at the merits of the three tech titans.

When it comes to core services, all three companies provide the same services. The names differ but the core services that revolve around compute (virtual machines), storage, and databases are the same. For simple workloads any of the three will work if the pricing is within budget.

It is very hard to compare pricing between the three. Make price comparisons that are specific to the exact services you need taking all the discounts they offer into account. However, they all share one thing in common and it is that charges have been going down every year since each of these services launched. As they convert more services from on-premise to cloud, and as they cover some of the capital costs, they pass the benefits down to the customer

One area that gives AWS an edge is in the user base. One of the benefits of its first mover advantage, Amazon has a slew of high-profile clients that use its services. One such example is Netflix. The streaming giant shut down all its data centers in 2016 and moved everything to AWS.

Choosing between three is hard, but a simple analysis of services required, the costs, and available discounts will help make your selection.

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