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AWS Vs Azure Vs GCP

Blog provided by Electric Kitten The defining tech battle of our time won’t be that of Facebook vs Twitter, nor will it be Netflix vs Disney. Instead, it will be the battle for which platform provider hosts the internet as we know it. The three players in question are Amazon with AWS, Google with GCP, and Microsoft with Azure. Let’s look at the merits of the three tech titans. When it comes to... [Read more]

Elements of Modern Website Design You Must Know

Website design has completely changed over the past five years. You can tell almost immediately when you visit a site that has a design older than a year. Here are a few elements you must keep in mind while designing a website according to Rack Alley: Color Scheme Use colors that suit the niche of your website. Don’t use too many colors. Excessive use of colors can ruin the theme of the website.... [Read more]

How Referral Marketing Can Benefit Web Hosts

Even if the niche of web hosts are fully loaded with a lot of companies they are still one of the easiest to promote because you could write your own experience about them. There are also tools like GTMetrix, to help you see how fast and reliable your site is. And for web host businesses your customers usually stick with you unless something bad happens. Referral programs are the best way to promote... [Read more]

Cost-Effective Solutions for Video Wall Displays

Summary: Video walls are an expensive commodity to add to any command center. It’s important that you prepare your budget accordingly. As most seasoned resellers will attest, video walls could potentially be the pro AV category that can range in price the most. Even the simplest form of video walls might include only one or two screens at the most, along with straightforward components and still... [Read more]

Broken Links: How to Find, Fix, and Benefit from Broken Links

Links are what holds the web together. Essentially, the web is named as such because of the ability for pages and sites to link to other sources and relevant information. So, if links are broken, a visitor has no way of moving to the other resource. Not only are broken links bad for a number of reasons, but they frustrate visitors. Imagine finally finding the information you need only to be denied... [Read more]

How to Form a Professional Security Operations Center (SOC)

Summary: In order to run a successful business, you’ll need to make sure you secure all of your private data. The allocation of funds towards a Security Operations Center (SOC) can pay dividends if you choose the correct type of SOC to work with. In short, an SOC is essentially a location that houses all the secure information that your business stores and analyzes any threats that may be looking... [Read more]

Five key factors to consider when choosing a data center provider

The demands on organization IT infrastructure are growing every day. One of the better financial and technical decisions is to move those operations to a data center. The key factors when making a decision are the location, facilities, security, and uptime. Let’s look at each of those in a little more detail: Location The importance of location will depend largely on the organization. If the data... [Read more]

How to Effectively Equip Your Control Center

Summary: Command centers need to be outfitted with the right equipment for maximum productivity. During an emergency situation, it’s crucial that the specialists manning your control center consoles make the right decisions to mitigate damages. The workstation equipment, the layout, and the supporting infrastructure must all work in tandem to ensure accurate decisions are made at the time of the... [Read more]

Keeping your web design & hosting customers happy

Doing business is not a walk in the park, that’s the reason why only a handful of people would like to engage in it. If you’re dabbling in the web design & hosting industry, you’ll find that competition is fierce and the market is full of providers targeting the same market as you. The key to staying alive in this business is keeping your customers happy. You need to make sure that you are... [Read more]

Do the Research When Selecting a Web Hosting Service

Savvy business owners research every decision they make which impacts their company. However, this doesn’t always happen when it comes to selecting a site to host their website. Many business leaders believe that all web hosting services are the same, so they choose a provider based on a promotional deal or the strength of an advertisement. Not doing the right research on a website hosting provider... [Read more]

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