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Elements of Modern Website Design You Must Know

November 12, 2018 by · Leave a Comment 

Website design has completely changed over the past five years. You can tell almost immediately when you visit a site that has a design older than a year. Here are a few elements you must keep in mind while designing a website according to Rack Alley:

Color Scheme
Use colors that suit the niche of your website. Don’t use too many colors. Excessive use of colors can ruin the theme of the website. Colors must be compelling to your site, to visitors and to your business as well. Use light colors for the website to make it look appealing. Websites of companies like Apple, Amazon have only two primary colors on their website.

Ample Spacing – White Space
White space in this context means the space between elements of the website. In simple terms – empty space is a must on a site for it to look professional and organized. One can use white or any other light color. But spacing is a must.

Relevant Calls-to-Action
Motive of every site should be to have a CTA for its reader. It can be spreading awareness to take an action on the issue or making them buy something. The main thing to remember is that the call to action needs to be relevant to the context of the website and the page.

Today user experience is best for improving your ranking, reducing your bounce rate and even inspiring your reader to take an action. There are many other things, like hosting your website at an LA data center that you must keep in mind, but, if you consider only these few elements for building a modern you will have a good foundation from which to start.

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