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What is Shared Web Hosting?

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Shared web hosting is a type of web hosting where many websites reside on one web server connected to the Internet. This type of hosting is the most common and economical way to host a website. It’s perfect for small businesses, personal blogs, and online stores that receive less than 10,000 visitors per month.

How Does Shared Web Hosting Work?

All websites on a shared server share the same resources including CPU time, memory, and disk space. The cost of shared hosting is based on how much disk space you need and how many monthly visitors your site receives. Most providers offer several plans with different specifications to choose from. Once your application or site starts to grow, you can look at other options like dedicated servers.

Benefits of Shared Web Hosting include:

– Low cost – Perfect for small businesses or personal blogs that are putting up a website for the time.

– One account can manage multiple websites – A single account can handle multiple domains which is perfect for a small business that manages several brands.

– Easy setup – most providers offer simple 1-click installation process for popular content management systems like WordPress or Joomla.

– Security – With VPS and dedicated servers, you will be responsible for the security of your system. When it comes to shared servers, the vendor will manage the security and maintenance.

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