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How Mobile 4G Internet Gives RV Travelers More Freedom on the Move

June 17, 2023 by · Leave a Comment 

Travel enthusiasts and full-time practitioners of the RVer lifestyle can fully appreciate the advantages that RV mobile Internet service providers like UbiFi have to offer. Through the use of 4G cell towers stationed throughout America, RVers can enjoy fast and reliable Internet connection while on the go. Because of mobile Internet’s highly portable nature, RVers will not have to rely on fixed hotspots at camping grounds or satellite Internet for camping, which requires more time, money, and effort to set up despite its unreliability in the face of obstructions such as trees or hills.

Because of the far reach of the 4G cell towers that companies such as UbiFi use to send Internet signals to mobile homes, you can access the Internet even in highly remote areas that you may be passing through during your travels. You can have consistent access to streaming entertainment and opportunities to attend work meetings and teleconferences even while you are on the road. You’ll never be bored with every television show, movie, and song at your fingertips as you relax in your mobile home. Having reliable Internet access while on the road can also give you access to cloud-based work solutions, helping you complete your work even as you enjoy the backdrop of nature and scenic views.

Before signing up for any Internet service, it might be a good idea to check which areas have the best coverage. Whether you choose UbiFi or any other mobile Internet service provider, coverage areas may differ based on which provider you choose. RV WiFi plans may also have different data restrictions, so check if your chosen provider offers unlimited 4G rural Internet.

rural areas

Why You Can’t Get Fiber-Optic Internet in Rural America

March 9, 2023 by · Leave a Comment 

Fiber-optic Internet has become a popular choice for Internet users all across the country for a variety of reasons. For example, its top download speed is unparalleled. Also, it can handle more users and traffic than other Internet options. Furthermore, its ultra-low latency makes it ideal for highly demanding online gaming sessions.

Despite fiber-optic Internet’s many convincing selling points, not everyone in America has access to fiber-optic Internet service. In fact, only about 25% of people in America have access to fiber-optic Internet. This problem is especially pronounced in rural America, where most communities do not have adequate infrastructure to support high-speed broadband Internet access. One of the biggest reasons for this is that most mainstream Internet service providers cannot justify installing cable or fiber-optic lines. The cost to install these lines is higher than the income they will receive from areas with low population density.

For this reason, rural residents are better off seeking alternative rural Internet service providers to meet their needs. Unlimited satellite Internet providers like Starlink and unlimited 4G rural Internet companies like UbiFi are also capable of providing high-speed, high-performance Internet service for rural communities. Satellite Internet is known for its wide reach because of its use of satellites orbiting the planet to provide Internet signals to homes on the planet’s surface. UbiFi and its mobile Internet cohorts are known for providing low-latency service to rural residents. This makes mobile Internet a contender for the title of the best Internet for rural gaming. Be sure to check if you are in the coverage area of UbiFi or any other mobile 4G Internet provider before committing to a specific mobile Internet company.

rural areas

5 Tips for improving your internet speeds while camping

September 3, 2022 by · Leave a Comment 

We all know how frustrating it is to have slow internet speeds, especially when we are trying to get some work done. But what about when we are trying to enjoy a relaxing camping trip?

When we are in nature, the last thing we want is to be tethered to our devices. However, there are times when we need to be connected, whether it’s for work or keeping in touch with our loved ones back home. Luckily, there are a few things we can do to improve our internet speeds while camping.

#1 – Switch to UbiFi.

While there are now a number of companies that offer satellite Internet for camping, UbiFi is different. They focus specifically on Internet for rural areas, using the country’s existing 4G LTE towers to offer better coverage, even in the most remote regions of the USA. UbiFi also offers month-to-month packages, so you’re not locked into a contract when you head home.

#2 – Use an Ethernet cable.

If you are able to connect your computer directly to the campground’s Wi-Fi router with an Ethernet cable, you will see a significant increase in your internet speeds.

#3 – Limit the number of devices that are connected.

The more devices that are connected to your personal hotspot or the campground’s Wi-Fi network, the slower your internet speeds will be. So, if you can, limit the number of devices that are using the Wi-Fi connection at one time.

#4 – Disable any unnecessary applications.

Any applications that are running in the background on your computer or phone can also slow down your internet speeds. So, before you start working or streaming any video content, make sure to disable any unnecessary applications.

#5 – Check for updates.

Sometimes all it takes is making sure that your computer and phone software are up-to-date in order to see an improvement in your internet speeds.

By following these five tips, you should be able to improve your internet speeds while camping and make the most of your time in nature!

rural areas

How to Get Low-Latency Internet for Rural Areas

August 2, 2022 by · Leave a Comment 

If you reside in rural America, you will quickly become familiar with the sparse Internet coverage epidemic in many rural towns. Because many mainstream Internet providers choose not to do business in areas with lower populations, there are a set of common alternatives for rural Internet.

The most popular companies providing Internet for rural areas are satellite Internet service providers. Companies such as Xfinity, Viasat, and Starlink have been carrying the torch for rural Internet service providers in underserved areas of the country. On the surface, satellite Internet seems like the most impressive rural Internet option because of its use of advanced technology, relatively high speeds, and worldwide coverage. However, even the best satellite Internet service providers will be lacking in one crucial area for some users.

Because of the astronomically far distances that Internet signals have to travel from satellites to your receiver at home, satellite internet has historically been plagued by high levels of latency. Delayed transfers of data can cause major issues for rural residents who use the Internet for rural gaming or remote work. While online gaming, latency can lead to missed inputs, hampered decision making, and higher levels of stress while playing. Latency can interfere with your ability to achieve victory and help your team win matches. During remote work, latency can prevent you from working effectively with your team members and communicating with customers.

Fortunately, mobile Internet providers such as UbiFi provide unlimited 4G rural Internet access with low latency. Companies like UbiFi provide Internet signals through the cell towers strewn throughout rural America, creating a shorter distance between signals and receivers. UbiFi also does not use data caps, helping customers avoid expensive data fees charged by satellite Internet providers.