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How To Keep Focus In Your IT Projects

January 8, 2016 by · Leave a Comment 

Your company’s IT project implementation will bring a load of benefit to your organization as well as big transformations, whether from an individual business unit’s or whole organization’s, depending on the scale of the project. No matter its complexity, it will have a lot of challenges that an IT executive needs to overcome. I will discuss the big challenges in this article, together with how to overcome them, with the experience that I have learnt right in the field. Many IT supervisors and managers tend to think that the biggest hurdle in an IT project is the technical side: server and network infrastructure, connections, integrations, tests and all that’s related to bits, bytes and packets. They are right from their own perspective, but looking at the overall picture, the technical issues are essentially “bits and bytes” compared to other barriers, as we will see. Before beginning any project, we have to define why are we undertaking this project. What particular problem are we trying to solve? What is that particular thing that would make this project useless?

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How To Keep Focus In Your IT Projects