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Five Signs of a Bad Client

February 14, 2017 by · Leave a Comment 

Working as freelance web designer can be rewarding and frustrating at the same time. And most of this depends on the clients that you have, and how your working relationships with them are. And so, as most folks will know that the ones you enjoy working with can be broadly classified as ‘good clients’ while the others, are well, unfortunately ‘bad clients’ that you wish you hadn’t met.

So, here are some early signs that can help you determine whether a client will be easy to work with or now:

  1. No Supplies

If a client does not supply you with images, content and hosting among other things, then it’s most probable that you will not meet the agreed timeline, leading to other issues, particularly financial. After all, time is money… and your time is valuable too!

  1. Too picky

If a client complains about your initial mock ups by saying that they hate, it’s probable that a line has been crossed and it’s time to call it quits.

  1. Delays in Payments or is looking for someone who will work for low wages

If your client is looking for a bargain or doesn’t pay on time after several repeated requests, then it’s time to say good bye because as the ‘bargaining’ part, you will be working for lesser and feel ‘cheated’ in a way and as for the non-payment part, it’s like working for free.

  1. Doesn’t stick to the contract

Some clients who want to get the most out of you will continue to add new things as they go, and therefore it’s advisable that one gets a contract in place. If this happens despite a clear contract, then it’s time to go.