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The Different Types Of Web Hosting

April 20, 2017 by · Leave a Comment 

Getting web hosting for your site is not as simple as signing up for a hosting account. There are various packages that go from under $10 a month to several hundred, and making the right choice now, could make all the difference a few months down the line.

First you get the most basic hosting package, which is usually for a single domain and limited resources such as disk space and bandwidth. This type of package is fine if you only plan on hosting one site in the short term and don’t expect it to grow rapidly. While a lot of the hosts advertise all of these packages as being unlimited, don’t expect to be able to run a heavy traffic website off the basic package. They usually use some condition in the fine print to suspend your site due to over usage of the server and insist that you upgrade to a dedicated server plan instead.

There is also the slightly higher spec version of the basic package, where the only difference is the ability to host more than one domain name. Once again, this package is good if it fits in with your short term plan. Remember that both the basic packages and even the reseller package described below, are all shared hosting packages which mean that several accounts will share the resources on a single server.

One step higher is reseller hosting, this package allows you to rebrand the hosting account and sell web hosting as if it were your own. You can brand it in every way, from the domain name, to the logo and telephone numbers within the control panel. This is only if you’re interested in reselling and is not something you should bother with if all you want to do is host your own websites.

Finally we have dedicated hosting, which is effectively renting out an entire server for your use. Use this if and only if you either plan on your site growing rapidly and serving thousands of customers a day. These packages are usually expensive, sometimes hundreds of dollars a month, but are well worth the cost.

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