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The top drivers for colocation adoption

April 11, 2017 by · Leave a Comment 

Written by Rack Alley

It is hard to predict what percentage of companies will go cloud or server hosting Los Angeles over the next few years. As it stands, according to recent surveys, around seventy percent of IT operations still run the vast majority of their workloads in-house. At least half of senior IT executives expect the majority of their workloads to move offsite, even those like LA web hosting. The majority of those moving off-site will be looking to collocate rather than move to the cloud. Here are some of the reasons that these organizations opt for colocation:

Divesting owned infrastructure

Sometimes an executive directive to cut costs by divesting of an owned data center is the primary reason for colocation. While dismantling a data center has cost benefits, existing server infrastructure will hold value for years, making colocation an obvious choice.

Not core business

IT and data center maintenance is not a part of the core business for the majority of companies. The best move for them is to rely on experts to manage the underlying infrastructure and retain staff for administration and policy decisions.

Staff resources

Another reason is that most organizations lack the staff resources to run an owned data center. Also, there is a lot of churn with IT staff at that level, leading to potential gaps in service and standards. Annual audits usually reveal these inadequacies.


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