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IT Managers: Where To Use Self-Service To Save Time

November 6, 2015 by · Leave a Comment 

IT managers for years are pressed by the cliché of “doing more with less.” IT pros already have their daily tasks of user requests, incidents, maintenance issues, upgrades and infrastructure changes and plus they are asked to keep up with the new technology. But the headcount remained flat during the years. One of the things the IT managers do is to implement self-service where they can in order to have a breathing space for their teams. And surprisingly, the end users have an acceptance on self-service, too. Of course it does not work for every situation, but here are some areas where it is working. If we are speaking about a large company with 1000+ users, user identity management is the first place to start. With user identity, I am talking about the user provisioning that starts with the hiring process, continues with onboarding until the employee finishes its contract. During the “corporate lifecycle” of the employee, there will be switching of departments, various password resets, new rights/permissions requests and the like.

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IT Managers: Where To Use Self-Service To Save Time